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Using Facebook to Promote a Website

How many times have you been asked the question: are you in Facebook? If you aren’t on this social networking site already then it’s about time you joined it as it’s good for your business. Don’t believe me? Let me show you 10 ways that you can use Facebook to promote your website (it’s a given now that you already have a Facebook account!).

  1. Ensure you have completely filled out profile. Yes, your profile speaks a lot about who you are, what you do, your interests and more. For you businesspeople the section on work should be completely as much in detail as possible with correct information. To promote your business website, add the URL to your profile with a short 10 words description.
  2. 2. Add and make friends. Facebook has several tools that allow you to search for your friends and add them. From Friend Finder to searching using your email accounts address books, it is now easy to add friends. However, if you goal is of using Facebook to promote your website you need to expand your friends network by searching for people who have interests similar to yours.
  3. Join networks and groups. A network on Facebook refers to a living or working region. By joining various networks you can build contacts to promote your website. On the other hand, groups are related to interests. You can even start your own group. Groups can be related to specific areas of your business that will help you promote your business website.
  4. Posting on the Marketplace. Marketplace is a channel that you can use to list your items and services for free or for a fee. Whether you want to post a job, sell an item, buy an item, or just promote your service/product use the marketplace to get the word across. You can also add images of your products/services with you post on the marketplace to further attract more people.

There is immense potential on Facebook to use it for site promotion, so go on explore it to expand your business!

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Top 10 Free Directories to Add Your Website To

When it comes to SEO, there is no debate on the importance of link building. Back links are an important and vital part of good SEO and have the ability to put your website on the first couple of pages on Google search results. An SEO professional has many ways to generate quality back links to your site. But one of the most popular and time tested one is by submitting your web address to free web directories.

The biggest benefit of submitting your website URL to web directories is that you will start to generate traffic in a few weeks. Back links are great for traffic generation and make your website searchable, accessible on the Internet. Every time someone searches for a specific category, they will be able to find your site. For ex: if you have submitted a website on fashion, every time someone looks up ‘fashion’ websites, they will find your website leading to a possible sale.

Web directories also benefit from website URL submissions as this helps them to grow faster and generate more awareness. This also helps them gain pagerank on Google. So your growth is linked to the growth of the web directories and vice-versa. Perhaps that is why it is a very good choice to submit to free web directories, the more you submit to the better for your business and more chances of your website showing up on first couple of SERPs. Higher pagerank leads to more traffic and increased revenue.

Submitting to free web directories is a legitimate way to build links and increase your popularity. I have compiled a list of the top 10 free directories to add your website to. Take advantage of this and start submitting your URL now.


What Are RSS Feeds And How Can My Website Benefit From Them?

RSS is most commonly referred to as Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. This is basically a type of web feed format that is used primarily for publishing updated content or other work in a single standardized format. RSS is most commonly used for updating news headlines, blog posts, video uploads, audio uploads etc. Internet visitors can access RSS feeds and read them with the help of an RSS reader also known as aggregator.

One of the most important aspects of RSS is that it simplifies and streamlines communication between a business and its customers or a website and the readers. If you own a website and want higher visibility and more attention, then using RSS feeds can be quite beneficial in the long run. The typical RSS feed will consist of content summaries or news headlines. Content summaries will be highly beneficial for your website as readers can download RSS feeds directly from your website and get the right and relevant information.

RSS is actually one of the best supplemental communication tool or method. If you want to install the capability of offering RSS feeds then ensure that your website has a content management system (CMS). A CMS will help you to implement content feeds on different pages of your website with ease. If your website doesn’t have CMS then you will have two options:

  • Use the server side approach: It depends largely on the type of technology used on the server
  • Use the client side approach: You have to generate or create a Javascript to be inserted in your webpage. This script will help in integrating RSS feeds on your website.

RSS feeds have a long-term benefit because it is content driven. Hence using them for sharing company information or any other detail with online visitors will definitely increase online brand visibility and awareness.

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