When it comes having a WordPress website created, as far as the developer is concerned, the client has one simply decision to make; do they have their WordPress website created from scratch, or do they cut costs and find a pre-made WordPress theme that they can then re-brand. But the greater concern for Gold Coast business owners such as my self is; are WordPress themes stealing business from companies that create custom WordPress websites? There are some awesome themes that […]

When learning how to create a web page design, the first thing that you should have in mind is that website design is fundamentally the same to print design from numerous points of view. Well sort of, the fundamentals are similar but the #1 thing to avoid with web page design is ending up with a web page that looks like a brochure. You need to comprehend layout and space, how to manage textual colors and styles, and setting up […]

2015 is here! So much has changed as far as PHP is concerned for the past 365 days, and the PHP structure scene is now even more populated than any time in the past. Like many other website designer, I have a clear idea of what makes up that great PHP framework for website development. At the end of the day, let’s post this question – do you even know which framework actually ends up being incorporated into the subsequent […]

A WordPress developer is someone whose role it is to build or help businesses build WordPress websites. Beyond actually creating your WordPress website, a developer’s major role is ideally to suggest as well as come up with ideas, and integrate and modify everything that relates to WordPress. If you’re looking for a Gold Coast WordPress developer then you’ve come to the right place! Ignition Media have been building WordPress websites since 2008, which is a long time considering WordPress is […]

Websites are made up of various elements; HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and database queries, among several other functionalities. For everything except the simple websites, staying informed as far as these distinctive elements play, interact with one another, and convey data to and fro can truly be a daunting task. MIT have just announced a new programming language called Ur/Web which has a greater significance to potentially streamline website development. In this article, we look at this new language so you […]

Let me start by asking; Would you build the foundation of your home all on your own? Alternately, would you contract an amateur to paint your home? The majority of us wouldn’t. You would instead contract an expert to create and protect what we’ve got to ensure the best possible result. The same can be said when wanting a website. An expert website designer knows how design your website to target your specific interest group. The first impression is always […]

Are you planning to venture into web development? Looking to boost your income by working as a part time freelance web developer? What is it that you are targeting? Are you thinking of a career change that offers you a greater flexibility and more free time? Regardless of your motivation to learn web development, you have definitely come to the right place and shortly, you are going to get the help you need to become a web developer. To begin […]

There has been a lot of buzz on quora.com regarding the need to use Photoshop to design websites. A lot of people think that Photoshop is going to be supplanted soon and therefore, Photoshop will no longer be the software of choice for website designers. As the owner of a firm that specialises in web design in Brisbane, obviously this topic took my interest. We began looking at browser designs, or employing some other options in regard to software, yet […]

Local SEO for 2015

About to invest in Local SEO? Wait, I have some information that you will really find very helpful before you get started. To begin with, you should bear in mind that Local SEO is getting more and more complicated with each day. Step back a little and take a closer look at the bigger picture. Are you missing some elements? What is it you intend to achieve with Local SEO? 2015 is here and as it seems, things are pretty […]

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of buzz regarding the intention for internet users to shift from Google search engine to an alternate search engine. As a matter of fact, the first article I saw that brought up the issue ended up being the #1 most read article of 2014 on Search Engine. As an SEO, and the owner of a Gold Coast web firm that specialises in search engine optimisation, obviously this is something I’ve been following closely. I see […]

Developing a responsive web design from scratch is quite irrelevant for most web designers given the fact that there is plenty of free code online to enhance your design. Naturally, any good design incorporates a wide scope of interfaces from accordion widgets to dropdown menus. Another popular choice that has become inexhaustibly stylish lately is responsive image carousels or otherwise referred to as Content Sliders. Its often hard to find a responsive content slider for responsive web design, so in […]

PHP programming language is based on the server side. Let’s try to depict the sentence. The PHP language runs on the server-side. This implies that its execution of its scripts is basically performed on the server where the site is the site in question is hosted. HTML embedded implies that you can utilise PHP statements (reading a bit of PHP code) from within the HTML code itself. Then the PHP files are sent back to the browser as plain HTML. […]

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