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The Best HTML Editors for Website Design

Although more and more platforms are now offering ready to go plug-in templates, there is still a huge demand for custom made websites as they appear to be more authoritative, more trustworthy, more professional, and they are perfect for profit-driven websites. However, effective website design can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and complex particularly to non-developers. Luckily, there are several website design software tools that were specifically created to make the whole process a lot easier. There is a range of […]

How to create a website on a budget

Whatever type of business you run, be it a small cafe or a huge enterprise selling cutting edge machineries all over the world, it is important that you represent your business well online. People intuitively turn to the Internet when they need something. If you’re not on the internet, chances are, you’ll be losing tens and hundreds of your potential customers without a fight. What most people don’t know is that being online and having a website doesn’t need to […]

Changes to Search Engine Optimisation after Hummingbird Algorithm

Google has updated its algorithm more than a couple of times in recent years and each time it does, SEO’s and website owners alike naturally become concerned. For the recent updates, a lot of websites that were ranking quite higher on search page results literally disappeared. For blog owners, this meant seeing their daily traffic goes down from thousands or even millions to hundreds or zero. This can be devastating as less traffic automatically translates to fewer sales. Last year, […]

Effective Web Design in Melbourne

Are you a Melbourne startup business that’s looking to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to planning and starting your website? Look no more. Ignition Media offer a complete service when it comes to web design in Melbourne. There are so many things that you need to consider when deciding on your website’s design, the very thought of it can often prevent you from even making a start. However, the most critical elements are utility and usability. […]

Web Design Brisbane

Local businesses in Brisbane need more than just attractive storefront and amazing products to get noticed. In today’s world where everybody is using computers and handheld devices to find what they need, it is a must for every business owner to have their very own professional-looking and functional website. This gives you the opportunity not just to get your products and services out there but also to reach wider market outside your local base. In addition, this empowers you to […]

What’s the Best Website Creator Tool

Gone are the days when creating a fully functional, high impact website meant spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on web tools and on hiring professional web designers. As the need to have a website continues to grow, several dependable, easy to use website creator tools have been introduced in the online arena. In this post, I wish to share with the best options that offer great features and ground-breaking technologies. IM Creator – This is one of the most […]

How to make a website yourself

Do you want to try your hand at making your very own website for personal or business use? Then, this one is for you. This easy to follow tutorial shows you the easiest way to make a website by yourself. I am creating this tutorial with beginner and layperson in mind; taking you step by step through the whole process. Let’s get started! Step 1, Register your domain name Domain names are used to identify IP addresses and to refer […]

Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress, which started as a blogging platform more than a decade ago, is now a full content management system powering millions of websites around the world. Being user-friendly isn’t the only thing that makes it popular to both bloggers and online business owners; it’s the volume of WordPress plugins that are freely available that makes it one of the most preferred platforms in the online arena. Below are the must-have WordPress plugins for any type of website: Limit Login Attempts […]

Website Builders & CMS

There are multitude of choices available out there when you’re looking for a website builder. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for free or paid solutions, there will always be one that will match your preference and meet your particular needs. However, your HTML ability and lever of knowledge will be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing what solution to go with. Those of you just venturing into websites will want a simple solution that will enable you […]

Benefits of using SASS over Traditional CSS

SASS, which stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, is currently one of the most resounding buzzwords in the world of web design. Right now, it is the most stable and most powerful professional grade CSS extension language, which is completely compatible with all versions of CSS. When compared to other CSS extensions, Sass boasts more abilities and features making it the number one choice of industry experts, tech companies, and hundreds of developers worldwide. This empowers them to insulate themselves […]

Best free website builders

More and more people find themselves in need of websites these days. They need to have their own space in the World Wide Web to talk about their passion, to communicate their cause, to build a brand, to promote awareness, to sell products and services, etc. Because of this, more and more free website builders have made their way to the Internet. Free online website builders are specifically for those people who need a website but a) don’t have the […]

How to make the most of your website

Your website is the most important element when marketing your business and your products online. It doesn’t matter how effective your traffic-generating strategies are, if your website disappoints, there is no way that you can convert your visitors to paying customers. It’s crucial that you pay attention to every detail as each matter. I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that your website is impressive, as mentioned in an earlier post, it only takes about 1/10th of a […]