If you’re looking to begin a new web project, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want to work with a web design company or with a freelance web designer on the Gold Coast. While you can definitely choose to work with a company, working with a freelance web designer can offer you many more benefits. Ignition Media is very much a one-person operation. As a freelancer web designer, I myself know precisely the advantages […]

So you’ve got a website up and running, but you’re not really sure on how to improve its design and performance? Well, there are certainly a number of things that you can do to increase the number of conversions and sales that you receive from your website, however many of these techniques can be quite advanced and can be difficult for the average Joe to implement on your own. As the director of Ignition Media; who specialise in website design […]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for every business. Regardless of whether you have been running a business for years, or you are just planning to start one, the online presentation of your business through the means of a website is something you have to give serious consideration. The success of your website will depend on several things, and one of the most crucial is optimisation. As the expert in this particular field and with many years of experience, I […]

Web design is forever changing and evolving and I am often asked where it will go next. As a web designer with 15 years of experience, I have seen web design change dramatically since the late 1990’s where it was all frames and table based HTML on desktop PCs. Now, if you don’t have a responsive website for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, you might as well not have a website. If you’re wondering what the future of web […]

If you are currently looking to have a new website designed, you need to pay a lot of attention to usability. When it comes to website design, usability is extremely significant. When people visit your website, they expect to be able to navigate easily around the website to find their desired information in a matter of seconds. The greater the user experience, the happier the visitors and when visitors are satisfied, you can count on excellent business results. As a […]

The Difference between SEO and SEM

Some of the best-known techniques used for the promotion of websites are SEO and SEM. Both are vital for the success of a website. Search Engine Optimisation started being used in 1997, while SEM is a newer technique, which was coined by Danny Sullivan, co-founder of Search Engine Land in 2001. One of the questions my clients frequently ask me is “What’s the difference between these two techniques?” I think that the best way to understand the difference is by […]

In the areas and circles of web design and business as well, one of the most common subjects often discussed is responsive web design, its future, and the future of responsive websites. In case you are not familiar with what responsive design is, which I doubt, here is a quick explanation. Responsive design means you will build one website, and that website will work on all devices regardless of the size of the screen. In this article, I will explain […]

Social media sites are widely popular and a ‘must-have’ for any business looking to get more out of their marketing strategy. If you are one of the rare few businesses who have not yet taken advantage of social media, then don’t be surprised to see your competition move forward while your business stands still. If you have been wondering whether you should promote your business on social media, I would say absolutely! Social Media Marketing is something every business needs, […]

If you have finally made the decision to start a small business on the Gold Coast, or you already run a business and you’re looking to expand it, now is the right time to look into your online marketing options. Times have changed, when customers need a particular service or product, they’re not interested in wasting their time going from one place to another, instead they look it up online for an instant solution. I know it can be confusing […]

If you want to run a successful business and be ahead of your competition, you need to present your products and services online via a website. However, that’s not all. Your website needs to be unique, professional and aesthetically appealing; it should provide a good experience for the user. If I learned anything over the years working as a web designer, it is that a good-looking website will make a business bloom. If you’re looking for a company that offers […]

In the online marketing world, Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important elements, and for good reason. It increasers your websites visibility and traffic, which leads to the ultimate goal every business owner has; to increase the profits. If there is a one thing I have learned from this line of work after so many years, it is that you cannot have a successful website without Search Engine Optimisation. The purpose of having a business website is to […]

One of the most important things for every WordPress CMS website owner is to be secure and safe from potential hacking. Many people often make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to them, but hacking is a danger that lurks, and when you are promoting your business online, you want to protect all your data related to your products or services. Circulating viruses are considered to be the common issue. However, situations where the website was hacked and crashed […]

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