PHP programming language is based on the server side. Let’s try to depict the sentence. The PHP language runs on the server-side. This implies that its execution of its scripts is basically performed on the server where the site is the site in question is hosted. HTML embedded implies that you can utilise PHP statements (reading a bit of PHP code) from within the HTML code itself. Then the PHP files are sent back to the browser as plain HTML. […]

Perhaps the first and most important thing of all is that selecting an appropriate analytics tool requires time investment. You may have come across several analytics tools online and even given them a shot but the truth lies in the fact that “some of them are more equal than others.” The importance of an ecommerce analytic tool cannot be stressed further. As a developer that makes a living out of creating ecommerce website, I recommend that every ecommerce website owner […]

Domain names are gradually becoming hot cakes in today’s techno-centric world. Do you have to be Google to begin making money online? The answer is No! Millions of people are generating a significant amount of income from investing in domain names. How? They simply buy, sell, hold or even develop domains as a way of increasing their overall worth. In fact, the domain name business is the internet’s real estate, replacing the land aspect with virtual property. Just like real […]

One of the basic elements included in the conveyance of a quality web hosting services is the physical arrangement of the hosting company on the Internet’s road map. To begin with the conclusion, it is essential for Australian businesses whether it’s a small, medium or large sized business to have an Australian-based website hosting provider. I’ll give reasons shortly so keep reading this article. So why is it necessary to pick an Australian website hosting provider? This article is for […]

The second quarter of 2013 saw U.S. online deals grow nearly 16% denoting the fifteenth sequential quarter of positive year-on-year development. Later in 2013, in the UK alone, it became a record-breaking season for most online retailers. With trends anticipating ecommerce sales deals to take even a greater part of retail deals in 2015, it is not at all shocking to see numerous small businesses move to online operations. As small businesses owners, you lack a big budget to work […]

Does cheap website design pay off?

Nowadays, a stable online presence means everything to any business whether it’s a startup or an established business. Have you ever stopped to think that you can now get a complete website up and running at very affordable rates? Bear in mind the fact that like most things, when it comes to website design, you get what you pay. While it’s a good idea to invest well in your website, it’s not ideal to break the bank doing it. At […]

One frequently ask question is ‘What are the essential elements for an effective E Commerce website design?’ Our readers have been asking for answers to this common question so here it is, an article that focuses on the best elements needed to build an awesome E Commerce website. Keep reading to learn some simple tricks and secrets that are, of course, little known and often ignored. Is this article for me? Well, it is for you since you are probably […]

Making your products, services or platforms discoverable and expanding their visibility across the internet is an undoubtedly one if the most difficult yet the most vital undertaking for any Gold Coast business owner. The most ideal way is to dependably go though all the channels accessible to you and after that weigh the conversions from each of those channels so that you can proceed to investing additional time and other resources that are sure to provide you with the best […]

Website design to watch in 2015

2015 is officially here with us. Expect several developments that are surely going to cause a lot of buzz. What are some of the features that a successful website should have these days? Are you a web designer and want to know how some of these advancements will impact the way you design your websites? Web design is a diverse and vibrant industry that is evolving and changing rapidly. However, you also need to understand that web design is not […]

Not too long ago, we only accessed websites via desktop PCs, whether it is Windows or Mac. Because these devices are large, designers also created large websites that occupy the entire screen. However, as time passed and technology advanced, we’ve seen the introduction of smart phones and tablet devices, making desktop PCs old news when it comes to accessing the Internet. These devices changed the demand of web design and gave birth to “responsive web design”. By embracing this, you […]

You don’t need to have a website just to use the Internet. However, if you want to establish some presence, then it should be part of your to-do list. A website can be likened to your home in cyberspace. The URL with its domain name and extension serves as your official address. The design is your foundation that gives shape and structure to your “house” while the contents are your home improvements. Having a fantastic “home” however, isn’t the only […]

eCommerce is getting easier over time as new software and solutions have become available. For example, you can find dozens of eCommerce solutions to transform a website into an online store in a matter of minutes! However, of the many solutions, two stand out: OpenCart and WooCommerce. What is OpenCart? OpenCart is a stand-alone eCommerce solution. This means that it is not a plugin so you can seamlessly integrate into your website. This needs to be installed into your server. […]

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