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As a business owner, it’s important keep your finger on the pulse; continually improving all aspect of your business. While design may not be at the top, or even on your priority list, you will be surprised to know that professional design can increase your customer base, profits and your turnover. As the director of Ignition Media, I often advise our clients to invest in designing and developing a brand. Investing in a professional graphic designer is always good ideas […]

Logos, banners, letterheads and other design elements play a powerful role in the brand and marketing of a business. Why else do some of the biggest brands in the world such as Coca-Cola update them regularly? In this day and age, the design elements used to represent your Brisbane business need to look outstanding not only on paper but also on your website. When looking for a graphic designer in Brisbane, careful consideration must be made to ensure they can […]

As a Gold Coast web design company, we know how important it is for your website to have an exceptional design. Aside from providing great user experience, a great design can also be the difference between a potential client and a lost lead. If you’re thinking of designing your own website or want to lead your website designer in the right direction, know that there are several resources you can go to for website design inspiration. These websites are useful […]

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