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You may have heard the saying “Content is King” and that is still the case. When ranking websites, Search Engines such as Google factor in the frequency and volume of updates to a website. Simply put, businesses and website owners that put in the time and effort to write unique content that provides the reader with a good user experience are rewarded with higher rankings.

Ignition Media offer copywriting services in the form on blog content creation and standard website content. Ignition Media carefully plan each copywriting project to ensure we deliver the most informative content to add value to your website.

Blog Content Creation

The best way to ensure your website doesn’t become ‘stale’ in the eyes of a search engine is to create a blog and regularly add blog posts. Once your b and then research, write and supply you with biweekly, weekly or monthly blog articles.

The key to successful blog content creation is to create content based on popular topics relevant to your business. This allows for a wider scope of keywords to be added to your website which inevitably will result in more visitors to your site.  Starting with keyword analysis, research and statistics based on your products and services are gathered from a variety of sources and blog topics are then created from the data gathered. While we are happy to write an article to your requested word count, research shows that articles of 1500 words perform best. At Ignition Media we keep to a minimum word count of 800 words to achieve the best results for our clients.

For a good example of how a blog should be set up, and how articles should be written, we encourage you to view our blog, you may even find some hand DIY SEO tips there for your own website!

If you don’t already have a blog installed on your website, then Ignition Media are able to install WordPress with a custom WordPress theme to match your website.

Website Content

So you’re getting a new website and your web design company have asked you for your content, but have no idea how to write it.

This is a familiar story we hear at Ignition Media which is why we started offering Website Copywriting as a service. From only a list of points on each section of the website, we are able to whip up professional website copy that will present your company or business it the correct light.

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Did you know...

Content is the easiest way to improve rankings and if you have the skills and patents to write content for your own website, then it's also the cheapest method of website promotion.

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