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Local Business Citations for SEO

Link Popularity or inbound links are often said to be the number-one factor in getting search engine rankings. ‘On-page’ optimisation techniques are no longer the leading techniques used to achieve top rankings for a website. Although they still play a major role, ‘off-page’ optimisation is just as important when it comes to achieving high rankings on major search engines.

People find, and then visit your sites by following trails. Those trails can be mentions of your URL or mention of your business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) in online or offline media, articles, press releases, and links on other sites pointing to you. The mentioning of your business is referred to as a Citation and are best obtained via Local Business Directories.  The more links  and local citations your business has, the greater authority your site is given by the likes of Google and it is the level authority that determines your websites rankings. So, you should set out on an aggressive effort to build quality inbound links and business listings for your site.

Local Citation Service

Build reputation and authority for your website and not only see your Google rankings increase, but your website traffic as well.

Our Local Citation Service concentrates on obtaining links and Local Business Citations (listings) for your business from local directories, social media networks from similar websites to your own. Each site has to pass very strict quality guidelines before a listing or link is requested. A ranking report is provided monthly while your campaign is active. A report is also given monthly to show your websites progress

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Don't be fooled

Gaining inbound links to your site isn't as straight forward as it may sound. If not done correctly your site may be penalised and decrease in rankings and search engine positioning. For those wishing to part take in link building for their own website, might we recommend you stay far away from link farms and free-for-all link sites. They usually cover a full gamut of different kinds of sites. They're scams. And many are already banned from search engines and you will be penalised.

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