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62 per cent of Australian internet users are actively embracing social media Sensis Study, May 25 2012

Social Media should be one of the most important aspects of your website’s marketing and promotion campaign. For some businesses, Social Media is the only traffic source they rely on to get visitors to their websites but it’s hard to know what Social Media networks will be most effective for your business type and target audience. In addition to this, setting up, and managing Social Media accounts can be a time consuming job and in some cases, can be a full time job.

Social Media Marketing Services

Let Ignition Media guide you in the right direction when it comes to Social Media. Our professional Social Media Mangers are able to assist you in all aspects of Social Media from basic consultation to full scale campaigns and on-going management. Don’t let your business miss out on valuable sales because you haven’t secured any Social Media Marketing. Contact Ignition Media today and speak with our Social Media Manager.

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Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

The importance of a personalised Social Media Marketing solution has never been more important.

The Sensis study found that most social media users take no notice of paid ads on social networking sites. Don’t waste your marketing budget investing in ads that no one clicks. Invest in Social Media Marketing and watch how well crafted status updates and infographics can impact your target adience's buying decisions.

Our Social Media Managers will give your business a positive reputation and build your online presence across major Social Media networks.

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