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Designing a god button is an art in itself. Beautiful buttons may seem to be simple but they can be quite difficult to create. Given below are some of the factors involved in creating the best possible button designs: Use Bright And Bold Colours for Your Buttons It has always been noticed that bright and bold buttons always get the most clicks since this attracts the attention of more people. However, you should also try to keep it tasteful so […]

Fact: social media is one of the reasons why the use of search engines has declined. After all, one doesn’t even have to search for something to find it; chances are, he may have found it via Twitter or Facebook before he gets the chance to Google it.

Many of you may have been struggling to get decent links for websites. In fact, link exchanges are easy, but link exchanges with authority or well ranked sites is more difficult than it may seem. Yes, quality precedes quantity even for Google. So, if you are interested in exchanging links, here’s how you can do it, so pay close attention.

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