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The Biggest WordPress Websites

WordPress, a huge content management system and an open source blogging tool, has come a long way since it was launched 10 years ago. Back then, it was considered just a regular blogging platform which is a great alternative to highly complicated platforms available. However, today, it is considered one of the most powerful and popular blogging systems used on the web with more than 60 million websites to date. WordPresss is the most popular CMS – Currently, it holds […]

If you are about to create your first ever website, deciding whether to go with a CMS website or build an HTML site should be one of the first decisions you need to make. You may be asking at this point: What template is right for my website? To answer your query, keep on reading and obtain better understanding about the differences between static HTML and CMS website.

General Costs of a CMS Website

The answer, of course, is from none to thousands of dollars. At the very least, a website powered by a content management system is free. You can get free website hosting, use WordPress as your CMS and WordPress plugins for website add-ons and features—and you already have a running website.

Wordpress is one of the leading portals where you can create your own blog or now, a CMS website (Content Management System). Today, blogs are quite famous and a successful blog is as good as a successful website. If you are using your blog on Wordpress for professional reasons, you will require having it SEO friendly. Here are the top five WordPress Plug-ins to enhance the SEO of your blog:

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