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Statistics for Mobile Site usage

Mobile site usage is definitely on the rise and many of the latest statistics reflect the importance and growth of mobile devices as channels for reaching out to people. Given below are some of the latest statistics that point out to various interesting facts: Statistics on Local Mobile Search According to a study conducted in February 2012 by the 5th Score Local Search Usage, 61% of people using smartphones conduct all their local searches through a mobile device. The same […]

Are you planning to start a hotel business? Are you in the service industry and want to create a successful accommodation website to attract customers online? Either ways, in order to create an effective accommodation website, you will need to first identify your targeted audience.

Benefits Of Clean CSS Website Code

Almost a decade back, programmers had a set pattern to follow during HTML coding and experimentation was not feasible. But then CSS or Cascading Style Sheets came into the existence and was proposed for use by HÃ¥kon Wium Lie in 1994. The first CSS specification that received the official W3C recommendation in December…

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