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If you own a Word Press website and you’re concerned with its speed, or you’re just looking to get the best possible rankings by optimisation your website, keep on reading, because these are the topics that I am about to explore. Your ranking performance will be affected by the speed of your site, so in this article we look at how you can reduce the speed of a Word Press site to achieve higher search engine rankings. The article will […]

Google Webmasters is a suite of powerful tools which provides you all the utilities you will need to get your site to the next big level. It allows you to accomplish a lot with just a few tools. Given below are a few points that will explain why Google Webmasters is a must for any website: Submitting the Sitemap to Get Started In order to get the most out of Google Webmasters you should first submit your sitemap to confirm […]

What is one of the biggest worries for an online start-up? Other than the fact that the business becomes successful, it also has to find its market and quickly. That’s why online start-ups try as hard as they can to get their websites listed on the top 2 pages on various important search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, besides others like AltaVista etc.

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