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Gone are the days when websites were really built from scratch—that is, when we had to create tables and holders for images, etc. This was very tedious and meant updates or changes to a site were time consuming and painful. Today, it’s as simple as CSS. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, works like a template for the website. CSS has its own set of codes that set the fonts, placement of content, and grid size, to name a few. When […]

As a website designer and developer, I’m obsessed with the latest technology and want to always produce the very best websites for my clients. I know the continued success of Ignition Media will always depend on how hard I strive to make my clients happy. Whether it is the best website design, the best SEO results or the best HTML framework, I’m continually striving to achieve greatness. For this reason, Ignition Media is recognised as one of the leading Gold […]

Here at Ignition Media, we specialise in creating responsive websites and rely on HTML frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation for all our website development. Our goal is to create successful online presence for our clients particularly those who are managing small businesses on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. In this article, we’ll focus on Bootstrap. What is it and why do we think it is one of the best frameworks for your website? Bootstrap in an open-source JavaScript […]

The process of developing websites was simpler 10 years ago. Back then, all users were visiting websites using large monitors and the main issue that needed to be dealt with was jumping through a few extra browser hacks to support the versions of Internet Explorer & Netscape Communicator. Now, with the creation of several handheld devises, everything about this process has changed tremendously. The growing number of mobile internet users now begs the question of how to build responsive websites […]

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